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Arlanza is located in the provinces of Burgos and Palencia, Castile and Leon, Spain. The DO takes its name from the river Arlanza which flows through it.

The first written evidence of wine production in this area comes from the 12th century, when the monastery of Santa María de Bujedo de Juarros purchased vineyards on the banks of the rivers Arlanza and Duero.

The most remarkable feature of the territory is its great diversity at all levels, and the land is not an exception. Throughout the production area, there are several different types of soil. The diversity in geology results in wines with different characteristics, in general terms we can find sandy soils derived from granitic rock, resulting in long wines, subtle and elegant. In the central area there are clay soils from shales, origin of mineral and structured wines.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador DO Arlanza
Ronda de la Cárcel, 4
09340 Lerma
Tel.: +34 947 171 046


Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

Regulatory Council, Arlanza PDO


The diversity in geology results in wines with different characteristics.

Arlanza DO Consejo Regulador De La Denominacion De Origen
Arlanza DO Vineyards and Production
Area under vine

350 ha.

Altitude of vineyards

800-1,200 m.

Soil types

Deep surface with loose material on the surface (sand and gravel), and clays in the deeper layers. Basic pH.

Principal grapes (w)

Albillo and Viura.

Principal grapes (r)


Maximum crop

Reds: 7,000 kg/ha; Whites: 10,000 kg/ha


72 %

Production 2013

1,040,697 kg

Production 2014

1,070,944 kg

Production 2015

919,703 kg