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Arribes DO Temperature, Rainfall and Sunshine

The valleys and terraces of the Douro River on the border with Portugal are home to this winegrowing area, which includes 47 towns and villages from the provinces of Zamora and Salamanca.

The Control Board of the Arribes Designation of Origin was recognised on 27 July 2007.

Continental climate with Atlantic influence, Mediterranean characteristics on the slopes of the River Duero. Rainfall 500-600mm/year. 2,600 hours/year of effective sunshine. The soil has an acid pH and is shallow and low in organic materials. Sandy texture with granite, slate and quartz stones and frequent rocky outcrops.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador DO Arribes
Plaza Requejo, 5
49200 Bermillo de Sayago
Tel.: +34 923 573 413


Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

Regulatory Council, Arribes PDO


The soil has an acid pH and is shallow and low in organic materials.

Arribes DO Consejo Regulador De La Denominacion De Origen
Arribes DO Vineyards and Production
Area under vine

337 ha.

Altitude of vineyards

700 m.

Soil types


Principal grapes (w)

Malvasía Castellana.

Principal grapes (r)

Juan García, Tempranillo, Bruñal and Rufete.

Maximum crop

Reds: 7,000 kg/ha; Whites: 10,000 kg/ha


72 %

Production 2013

809,488 kg

Production 2014

1,121,957 kg

Production 2015

1,165,557 kg