Events | 2020.11.11

Time: 13:00-16:30 November 11th

Venue: Shanghai


In order to celebrate Sherry Week (the first week of November), Wines from Spain will organize the special event “Highlight of Sherry Week” in the tasting area of Spain national pavilion in Prowine Shanghai. In the afternoon of November 10th, fifteen sherry wines will be presented, and a small introduction will be made by a Sherry educator. Also, several sherry cocktails will be introduced to the public. The visitors will be able to taste different styles of sherry wines as well as cocktails made from sherry, thus becoming more familiar with this famous Spanish fortified wine.


Time: November 10th

13:00-16:30     Sherry exhibition and free tasting

During which:

14:00-14:30     Brief introduction of Sherry wines

14:30-15:30     Presentation of cocktails made from Sherry & tasting

Venue: Booth W4A40-1, ICEX Spain National Pavilion Tasting Area, Prowine, 2345 Long Yang Road, Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai


As one of the best-known wines from Spain, Sherry has always been a pearl of the fortified wines’ world. Due to its complexity and long aging period, it’s not so familiar, even difficult to understand, for many emerging markets. “Highlight of Sherry Week” should serve as a very good opportunity for the Chinese wine professionals to better understand and to taste all kinds of Sherry wines and link them to the mass consumer market of cocktails and spirits.