Events | 2019.08.04

Time: 2019.8.4

Type: Online promotion

Description: During summertime, the first Sunday of August is the Albariño Day. Wines from Spain published an article about Albariño grape in 8 co-operating media's Wechat platforms. Our interesting article introduced this grape variety, plus an online event inviting wine lovers to join the hashtag “Let’s drink Albariño” in Weibo and shoot Albariño-related VLOG to upload in Weibo. Wines from Spain selected the outstanding VLOG and gave awards to the winners.

Albariño, from Spain’s cooler region of Galicia, is increasingly important in the international white wine market due to its high acidity and mineral aroma. D.O. Rías Baixas, near the capital of Galicia, is the where this variety is most representative. Planted along the Atlantic coast, with the beautiful scenery, the vineyards here are considered to have the highest salt content and mineral content in the world. Albariño wines are distinguished by a crisp, elegant palate, a dry and aromatic body with mineral flavors and a hint of salty sea water. It can be drank as an aperitif or paired with various foods, especially seafood.

Also, the Let's drink Albariño promotion had the Official Educator of Wines from Spain Xing Wei invited to talk about Albariño at Shenzhen Radio FM 97.1. Stay tuned for more Wines from Spain events!