Events | 2019.04.26
Let's Celebrate, Mencia Day!

Time: 2019.4.26 19:30-21:30

Venue: Hangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen

Type: Learning & Tasting

Speaker: Mr. Sam Chen, Mr. Leon Liang, Mr. Bill Liu

Organiser: Grapea & Co

Description: As the first festival of local Spanish grape variety, the date of May 2nd is Mencía day. Mencía is a grape variety that can be with high quality, rich floral and fruity aromas, medium-bodied and excellent aging potential ability. To celebrate this festival of one of Spain's most promising red grape varieties, “Wines from Spain” team cooperated with the Grapea institute, organized an online and offline learning event in three cities with tasting six wines that can display the typical Mencía characteristics.

The main campus of this event was in Hangzhou and lectured by Mr. Sam Chen, who participated in the education trip of "Wines from Spain" to be certified lecturer in April this year. Mr. Leon Liang, operation director of Grapea institute, was in charge of the online connection in Shanghai campus, and Mr. Bill Liu, education director of Shenzhen campus, was in charge of the connection in Shenzhen.

During the event, Sam introduced the characteristics of Mencía varieties and the general style of the three main regions of Mencía, which are Valdeorra, Riberia Sacra and Bierzo. The attendees tasted the six wines which were from the three regions and most could reflect Mencía variety characteristics, because of three different region's soil and climate, Mencía can be fruity and young wild style, or a style that contains rich red and black fruit aroma with minerals sense.

"Wines from Spain", Celebrating Mencía day with three cities’s wine lover would let all feel the unique charm of Mencía together, also to share with all a different kind of Spain, feel a full of quality and diversity of wine country with a deeper understanding. Stay tuned for more "Wines from Spain" events!

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