Events | 2019.05.20

Time: 14:00 – 17:00, Saturday, May. 20th, 2019

Venue: Beijing

Type: Master Class

Speaker: Mark Pygott MW

Description: This master-class was the first occasion for cooperation between Wines from Spain and Ease Scent wine & spirits Education. The guestlist included: Ana Maria Martinez Jerez, Chief economic and commercial counselor of the Commercial Office of the Embassy of Spain; Diana Han, campaign manager at Wines from Spain communications Agency in China; Mark Pygott MW; Mr. Wangkai Lang, general manager from Beijing KaiYi international trade co., LTD.; Mr. Han Wen, the CEO of Ease Scent wine & spirits Education; Miss Hua Huang, the General manager of Ease Scent wine & spirits Education Shanghai office. (main image)

Ms. Ana Maria Martinez Jerez said that China is now the world's fifth largest wine consumer, that the Spanish government attaches great importance to the promotion of wine in China, and the Spanish foreign trade development and investment authority (ICEX) will continue to promote Spanish wine through two main lines: communication to create awareness for Spanish wines, and education through a program to train certified educators. The aim is to let Chinese wine lovers know more about Spain and to improve the overall image of Spanish wine in the Chinese market by showcasing its great quality and rich diversity.

Ms. Martinez also highlighted the success of gathering more than 100 professional wine lecturers in this activity, which shows the importance of cooperation with influential wine academies like Ease Scent. The participants in the master class were lecturers from all over the country, and Ease Scent wine & spirits Education hopes to bring the courses of Wines from Spain to all parts China.

The main speaker, Mr. Mark Pygott MW, stated his opinion that the current sharp decline in bulk wine imports from Spain to China shows that people are gradually changing the traditional impression of "cheap" Spanish wine and paying more attention to the value and quality of Spanish wine. The world of wine in Spain is so diverse, with various climates and soils contributing to its colorful landscape. In addition to the several wine regions with which we are all already familiar, there are numerous other wine regions with excellent wineries and high-quality wines. Mark Pygott is very humorous and has a bright personality, helping everyone enjoy the Spanish wine