Events | 2019.03.25
Certified Educator Candidates’ Trip in Spain

Time: Monday, Mar. 25th – Monday, Apr. 8th, 2019

Venue: Wine Regions in Spain

Type: Educators’ Studying Trip: Visiting wine regions, wineries, Regulatory Councils and taking masterclass.

Attendees: Four professional educators from the famous wine academies in China

  • Mr. Sam CHEN (Grapea)
  • Ms. Corinne MUI (AWSEC)
  • Mr. Ofilos Wu (Ease Scent Wine Education)
  • Mr. David Xing(Dragon Phoenix Wine Consulting)

Description: Wines from Spain Education Program advanced educators’ trip to Spain started on March 25th. A group of four professional educators from famous wine academies in china was invited to attend the certified educators training in Spain. They are among the top rank in wine industry who will play an important role in the promotion of Spanish wines in China market.  

The group started off from Madrid, and then forward ahead to Andalucía, Castilla y León, Galicia, Cataluña, Aragón and Rioja, visiting some of the famous wine regions and wineries, tasting premium wines and taking masterclasses to get a deep understanding of the diversity and high quality of Spanish wines. Back from the trip, the educators will share with their Chinese wine peers and consumers the experiences and wines from Spain.



Wines from Spain Education Program Advanced Eductors' Trip Map
Wines from Spain Listing
Visiting Wine Regions
Visiting Wine Wineries
Visiting Regulatory Councils
Taking Masterclasses
Tasting Premium Wines