Events | 2019.06.12

Time: 2019.6.12

Type: Online promotion

Description: June 12 is the day of the Verdejo grape. Wines from Spain published the article about Verdejo written by the champion of Year 2018-2019 Wines from Spain Talent challenge Mr. Huang Sirui. It was published on on 10 media's Wechat platforms. It introduced this grape variety and invited wine-lovers to leave their message “speak out your love for Verdejo”. At the end of the promotion, Wines from Spain awarded the authors of the comments with the largest number of thumb ups.

Verdejo is mainly planted in D.O Rueda of Castilla y León in central Spain, and also in Extremadura and Castilla-La Mancha regions. This variety not only produces a great varietal white wine, but can also be blended with Sauvignon blanc and Viura varieties, or used to make other styles of wine such as Rueda Espumoso, a traditional sparkling wine, and Rueda Dorado, a fortified wine with an oxidized style. In this article, the author’s professional introduction to Verdejo gave wine lovers a better understanding of this charming variety.

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