| 2020.09.20


Date: Sept 20th , 2020

Venue:  Beijing


Natural wine, as well as organic and biodynamic wine, is growing in popularity in China, particularly among young wine lovers. Given that Spain has already won global recognition with them and is one of the world's largest producers of organic wine, it is important to transmit that status to the Chinese market. With the continuous development of modern Spanish wine styles, biodynamic and natural wines emerged as pursuits of extreme nature led by bold wine makers and wineries all around Spain.

In this festival night, over 80 Spanish organic, biodynamic, and natural wines from more than 20 wine regions were displayed by their importers in wine booths set up in a trendy Beijing bar/restaurant in the popular Sanlitun area. The event attracted nearly 300 participants, including wine educators, sommeliers, distributors, writers, screenwriters, food critics and other lifestyle opinion leaders, as well as influential media. As usual, they were surprised by the great quality of the wines on display and by the great diversity available. This activity succeeded in positioning Spain as first-in-mind for these trend setters when it comes to natural, organic and biodynamic wine.