Spanish Wine Exports Up 46% in 2019 Compared with the Last Ten Years

| 2020.12.22

A recent report on the economic and social importance of Spain’s winemaking sector in Spain, published last month by the Interprofessional Spanish Wine Association, shared a lot of interesting data.



According to the report, Spain’s winemakers are leaders in terms of global sales volume and rank first in terms of wine export volume and third worldwide in terms of export value, trailing France and Italy. Spanish wine has a strong presence in the main markets around the world, which further boosts its image. Additionally, the sector’s trade balance is broadly positive for Spain.

In 2019, Spain exported more than 27 million hectoliters, which is above the annual average for the last decade. Moreover, average annual sales for the last five years is up 16.6% compared with the previous five years. And even more impressive is the 46% increase in exports in 2019 compared with the last decade.

Wine is also one of the agri-food industry’s main exports; in fact, in 2019, it was the fourth-most exported product in Spain, trailing pork, citrus fruits and olive oil. Spanish companies have also worked hard to expand their reach over the years, and last year there were almost 4,000 companies exporting their wine, of which almost 60% had strengthened their international sales.

It’s also worth noting that Spanish wineries and wines are often standouts in international competitions. They’ve taken home hundreds of medals at the most prestigious of shows, including Mundus Vini and the Decanter World Wine Awards, among many others.