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Lying on the south-eastern coast of Tenerife, these vineyards were granted denomination of origin status in 1996.

Like the Abona vineyards, they stretch up the slopes of Mount Teide to reach some of the highest vine-growing altitudes in Europe. However, in the search for balance and quality of the final product, the most favourable conditions, both in soil and climate, are to be found in the plantations located above 800 metres altitude. At these heights, the vines are grown on low arbours in soil of volcanic origin with high permeability.

The denomination takes its name from Güímar, one of the three towns (Güímar, Arafo and Candelaria) lying within the DO.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador DO Valle de Güímar
C/ Tafetana, 14      
38500 Güimar
Tel.: +34 922 514 709


Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

Regulatory Council, Valle de Güímar PDO


White wines make up 65% of DO production.

Valle De Guimar DO Consejo Regulador De La Denominacion De Origen
Valle De Guimar DO Vineyards and Production
Area under vine

271 ha.

Altitude of vineyards

50 - 1,500 m.

Soil types

Sandy areas at low and middle altitude areas, and clay soils at high altitude areas.

Principal grapes (w)

Listán Blanco, Malvasía, Moscatel, Gual, Vijariego and Verdello.

Principal grapes (r)

Listán Negro, Negramoll, Tintilla, Malvasía Tinta, Moscatel Negro, Vijariego Negro, Rubi Cabernet, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.

Maximum crop

10,000 kg/ha



Production 2013

336,627 kg

Production 2014

375,816 kg

Production 2015

429,122 kg